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S.C. PROMAT SRL CRAIOVA deals with design, production, modernisation and service in the fields of electric control and power electronics for railway transport.

To maintain our position on a competitive market, we understand that the quality of our products needs to match the customers' expectations in terms of quality and price.

Moreover, we have established an environmental management system that complies with standard SR EN ISO 14001:2005 (identical with European standard EN ISO 14001:2004) and which is integrated with our quality management system, as well as our occupational health and safety management system. This further helps us to gain our customers' confidence and to develop our business in the long run. The management of the company is involved in the continual implementation of its integrated management system and is mindful that all team members should be part of this effort.

Thus, our top management undertakes to:

  • ensure compliance with current legislation and other applicable requirements related to environmental issues.
  • ensure continual improvement of the environmental management system and pollution prevention.

Our general environmental objectives are:

  • waste reduction and waste management in compliance with current legislation.
  • effective use of raw materials and utilities so as to minimise the depletion of natural resources.
  • improvement of the company's environmental performance.

The environmental objectives set out in this policy are detailed in the environmental targets that are part of the environmental management plan. Material, financial and human resources are allocated for the completion of the environemntal objectives.

The top management routinely reviews the environmental objectives and ensures the implementation of the environmental policy with the aid of the quality management representative, of the environmental representative and of all staff.

The top management also makes the environmental policy available to all employees as well as to the general public.